Xmas Challenge 2012

Send letter to Santa Claus!

Twas, the night before Xmas 2011:
Santa Claus noticed, that due to economic crisis, every bank in Lapland refused him another loan. His debt was too big.
He decided to limit his Christmas-gift madness. The only option was to close his mail-box.
I won't get kids' letters, so I won't be obliged to bring gifts in 2012! - he thought.
However, there was one problem, with that crafty idea. He wanted to stay in touch with some hottie from Russia - Snegurochka. She had been sending him a tons of love letters, which he'd really enjoyed. Santa Claus decided that he would use his favourite elf's mail-box.

Snegurochka is the only one, who knows new Santa Claus address. Your challenge is to get this address too!
We know, that the favourite elf leaves in the same house as Santa Claus does, so all we need is its name. We also know, that Santa Claus bought new PC and set up a home server. He created accounts for his elves and shared some HDD-space with them.
This is the favourite elf's website. How do we know, that it belongs to that elf? This is the only account with unlimited bandwidth!
Get the favourite elf's name and send letter to Santa Claus!